Visual and Communication Solutions

We provide visual systems to our customers to monitor business processes, hardware, software and their key metrics to enable secure data exchange and information processing. Trusted communication is a key factor in our ever-evolving society to ensure that you keep your momentum against competitors and threats.

Secure Control Rooms

Our team has a deep understanding of the modern control room systems which securely and accurately monitor IT and video systems. We can deliver solutions to comply with the toughest security and reliability standards while maintaining flexibility and productivity.

End-to-end Audiovisual Systems Integration

We offer our services in system design and integration for AV content production and delivery. Ranging from acquisition through editing and processing to the final content distribution. Our aim is to give our customers the most flexible and reliable system which also fits their budget. If needed, we can also provide trainings on operating and administering the equipment.

Virtual Events and Streaming Services

The pandemic and the difficulties in traveling accelerated the trend that more and more events are held online. It may seem easy to do a presentation, seminar, or lecture in the virtual space but as soon as there are more lecturers, a high-quality camera or profession branding is expected, it is inevitable that an experienced team handles the project.
We can provide cameras, lighting, audio equipment and streaming systems with operators and technicians - Everything planned, installed and delivered according to the needs of the event.