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Data warehousing // Data analytics // Secure Visual Solutions // Business intelligence
Our mission is to develop products, concepts and custom solutions to maximize business value created from your organization’s existing data, with a unique combination of business focus and innovative technical solutions. We are experienced professionals who have been working with data and AV systems for more than 20 years. This know-how enables us to offer you the best of breed solution based on your needs and plans.

The focus of our team is to help and support organizations who have large amount of data to gain additional value from their pieces of information already stored in their systems to find new ways of doing businesses and to achieve their strategic goals. The root cause of many unsuccessful projects is the gap between business stakeholders’ and technology people’s (developers, operations etc.) perspective. This issue is especially significant in case of data related projects.

We provide visual systems to our customers to monitor business processes and goals and to enable secure data exchange and information processing. Trusted communication is a key factor in our ever-evolving society to ensure that you keep your momentum against competitors and threats.

What We Do

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Data Solution Development

We deliver end-to-end solutions based on data from data integration to business insights

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Visual Systems and Services

We offer solutions from media creation to secure communications platforms

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Data Strategy

Create strategy for data, analytics, business intelligence and data warehousing

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Data Analytics

We help you to hear and understand what is your data telling about the business

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Data Visualization

We let you see the invisible in your data

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Data Projects

Driving successful projects and enforcing reliable results

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Budapest, Hungary

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